Progress of the project in July 2018

Action C.1

Preparation of the tender. The tender will be announced during September. Preparation for the finalization of the fencing works in Nevropoli and Alykaina.

Action C.5

Assesment of the impact after fir reduction in Juniperus foetidissima individuals in Amaliolakka, Zabantolakka & Keramoraxi in Oiti mountain. The assessment was carried out in cooperation with the subcontractor.

Several measurements were started in order to reduce fir tress around Juniperus foetidissima stands in Oiti Mountain in cooperation with the subcontractor.

Action D.1

Monitoring of the temporary ponds (3170*) of Mt Oiti (Alykaina, Livadies and Greveno) and Mt Kallidromo (Mourouzos, Mouriza), by Pinelopi Delipetrou and Ilias Dimitriadis.

Action D.4

3-day visit in Mount Oiti for the monitoring of artificial nests. No presence of nesting activities has been detected.

Action D.5

2-day visit in project area in order to monitor the growth of the planted trees.

Action E.1

A meeting was organized on 16th July 2018. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the update of the movie. The results of the projects will be included in the final version of the movie.

August, 2018

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