Progress of the project in October 2016

Action C.1

Preparation of the tender for the fences.

Action C.3

Completion of the fencing works of the temporary ponds Mouriza and Mourouzos at Mt. Kallidromo and Louca at Mt. Oiti, under the supervision of IMFE.

Action C.4

Erosion control works (log erosion barriers in rows, culvert, laying with gravel, declination of the roads with gravels), around the temporary pond of Nevropoli are in progress, and under the supervision of IMFE.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the newly grafted and the remaining cypress plants. Continued implementation of the Cyprus production method for Juniperus foetidissima plants. Preparation of the modification request for the External Monitoring Office and EC..

Action C7

Seed collection (14 October): collection of the seeds of Verbena supina, Polygonum aviculare, Galium verum. Ongoing germination experiments.

Action D.2

Data elaboration from the field work conducted in Μt.Oiti to monitor the vegetation restoration treatments.

Action D.4

A monitoring visit was organized during October for the monitoring of the artificial the three improved areas for Alectoris graega.

Action E.1

Preparation of the seminar for teachers (poster of the seminar, program, press release, facebook, event in the project’s webpage). The seminar will be organized on 11 and 12 of November in Molos.

Action E.2

Equipment was purchased.

Action E.4

Preparation of the program of the second 3-day educational and training seminar entitled: Exploitation of Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo grasslands for production of quality animal products. Selection of tutors and planning of seminar field trip.

Trainees’ data concentration from farmers (stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers) from OPEKEPE (Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid) data bases.  

Action E.5

Two papers were presented in the World Congress of Silvo-pastoral Systems 2016 at Evora – Potrugal.

A poster was presented in the framework of the 1st Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week, Ulcinj, Montenegro, 24-29 October 2016.


November, 2016

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