Progress of the project in May 2017

Action C.3

Planning of the actions and the field activities that have to be implemented in the forthcoming summer period.

Action C.4

Monitoring of the operation of the erosion control works around the seasonal pond of Nevropoli after some complementary works.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the remaining cypress plants. Continuation of implementation of Cyprus production method of Juniperus foetidissima plants.

Action C.7

Ongoing germination experiments. Ongoing seed treatments for the production of plants for pot planting.

Action D.2

Selection and processing of the data to be presented in the fourth seminar of livestock farmers’ training on the restoration actions on Mount Oiti’s forest openings to held at the village Neochorio in the beginning of June. 

Action E.1

On 5th of May educational excursion for students was organized to Mount Kallidromo.

On 17th of May the Project Manager presented the project in the LIFE Task Force of Bulgaria and Hungary. The meeting was organized by the LIFE Task Force of Greece and Green Fund.

On 22nd of May the Project Manager presented the project in Lamia. The infoday was organized by the NGO SOLON.

 On 30th of May the Project Manager presented the project in Lamia. The was was organized by the Greek LIFE Task Force.

Action E.4: 

Organization of the final details for the seminar that will be held on Neochori, Fthiotidas 3-4 June 2017 (e.g. program details, lobby, speakers etc.). Invitation of official persons for greeting at the beginning of the seminar. Publication-briefing of the seminar in the social media (TV, newspapers, radio, Facebook, Twiter etc.) and in the participants (stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers).


June, 2017

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