Progress of the project in March 2017

Action C.1

On 27th of March the special contract was sent to the Ministry of Environment and Energy for signatures.


Action C.3

Planning for actions and field activities during the grazing period of 2017.

Action C.5:

Conservation and plant care works of the remaining cypress plants. Continuation of implementation of Cyprus production method of Juniperus foetidissima plants.

Action C.10:

Preparation of local public consultation suggestion &proposal list

Action D.2

Preparation of the protocol for the field measurements on grazing to be carried out in the temporary ponds of Oiti and Kallidromo.

Action E.4

Preparation of the third 3-day educational and training seminar (Dates: 24-26 April 2017) mainly for farmers, stockbreeders and beekeepers but also other locals at the locations of Amfiklia. near to the Kallidromo mountain  Data of stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers are available for the invitation, as well as the tutors for the third seminar. Posters, invitations and website announcements for the seminar are under preparation.

Action F.2

On 17th of March the 4th meeting of the Stakeholder Committee ‘s members was organized in Lamia. More than 60 representatives of local stakeholders participated in the meeting.


April, 2017

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