Progress of the project in April 2015

Action A.4

Germination experiments of the 4 seedlots of Veronica oeatea* (collection: Greveno, Alykaina, Livadies, 2014 and Livadies 2013) were conducted with gibberellic acid. Moreover, 9 soil samples were placed in a growth chamber to study the soil seed bank.

Action C.3

Grassland management activities.

The mobile metallic cages (1,5 m x 1,5 m) that were placed on Mount Kallidromo in June 2014, were moved to different locations.

Daily activity of the cattle on Kallidromo.

Since the cows are ready to be moved to the grasslands of Mt. Kallidromo, ten cows from two herds were captured and collared with the help of the shepherds at the villages of Thermopyles and Eletherohori. The experience and the results from September, October and November 2014 were very promising, since a complete picture of the animal movements is provided at least six (6) times per day (day and night) during the whole grazing period, so their impact on the mountain grassland habitats (6230*) can be ascertained.


Action C.5

Temperature and humidity sensors were placed in all wooden constructions housing the 3,000 Cypress plants grafted with Juniperus  foetidissima grafts, in order to regulate humidity by mist system.

Conservation and plant care works of the grafted plants such as application of fungicides and pruning to reduce leaf area of the rootstocks, were also carried out for all 3,000 Cypress plants.

Action C.7

Seed cleaning of 3 seedlots of Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites -
dates: Livadies - 23.06.2013, Livadies - 30.07.2013, Livadies - 20.07.2014), 2 seedlots of Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates: Livadies – 13.08.2013, Alykaina - 13.08.2013) and 1 seedlot of Myosurus minimus (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014), Lythrum thymifolia (collection site - date: Livadies - 20.07.2014), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies - 20.07.2014) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014).

Action E.1

On April 28, 2015, the first environmental education event for students was organized on Mount Oiti by the HSPN. The event, attended by 42 students included various activities such as nature interpretation, environmental awareness games and introduction to the important species and habitats of Mount Oiti.

May, 2015

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