Progress of the project in February 2014

-Preparatory Actions 

Germination of Veronica oetaea* was tested at various temperatures, in light and darkness, on seeds collected on 23/06/2013. Recording and analysis of the soil samples that were collected from the 3 temporary ponds in June and October 2013.
The external assistant-ornithologist made his eighteenth field trip (10-12/02/2014) and submitted a full report. 
Work on the specifications for bear management is in progress; specifications will be completed in March.
Evaluation of the interviews and questionnaires, and preparation of the final deliverable. 
Preparation of the final deliverable.
-Concrete Conservation Actions 
A meeting with the Forestry Directorate in Lamia was held on 27/02/2014 in order to discuss the specifications of the Action.
Contacts with companies specialising in monitoring grazing animal movement through satellite. Tenders were collected and will be evaluated regarding the technical characteristics and purchase procedures in order to select the most appropriate contractor for the project.
Survival and growth observations in a sample of 10% of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Ensuring and monitoring appropriate conditions of high relative humidity for the 100 Cupressus sempervirens plants newly grafted with Juniperus foetidissima grafts. Cleaning of Juniperus foetidissima cones, manipulation with wet sand and placement in the refrigerator for cold stratification. 
-Dissemination Actions 
The two leaflets (about the project and about Ursus arctos* were printed. The poster design was finalised. 
The webpage of the project is continuously updated. A page about the progress of the project has been added in the main menu and is now visible.
February, 2014

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