Progress of the project in August 2013

-Preparatory Actions 

The external assistant-ornithologist made his twelfth field trip (6-8/8/2013) and submitted a full report.
The two questionnaires for visitors and local inhabitants have been uploaded on the project web site, for easier dissemination and collation of the results. Questionnaires for visitors were also distributed to hotels and guest houses in the project area; 81 have already been filled-in and returned.

-Concrete Conservation Actions

Plant care of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens seedlings and for the 150 grafted plants established as a pilot trial continues. Plants that did not survive after the transplantation to the pots were replaced.

-Dissemination Actions 

The webpage of the project is continuously updated.

-Overall Management Actions

Preparation of the minutes of the External Monitoring Team’s visit to the project area (25 and 26 July).
Preparation of the minutes of the Stakeholders Committee meeting which was held in Lamia on 14/6/2013.
August, 2013

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